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About Us

Our History

Edgar County Bank & Trust Co. was founded in 1873, as Edgar County National Bank. The bank was hit hard by the stock market crash of 1929, but along with Citizen’s National Bank it was able to survive the Great Depression. The two remained about the same size as one another for decades, but in 1968 the bank’s stock was sold to new shareholders, and they would greatly change the bank’s fortunes.

The new management didn’t have the connection or compassion for the community that the former shareholders had, and the community responded by taking their business elsewhere. In 1975, though, a large group of people in Paris and the surrounding area bought back the bank, to bring local ownership once again. The bank’s assets grew steadily but slowly for years until it changed hands again in 1989, as Robert Morgan took over. Through the rest of the decade the bank expanded by opening new branches and acquiring other banks – and today, the assets of Edgar County Bank & Trust Co. total approximately $353 million.



Our Mission, Values & Pledge


To be one of the most respected financial institutions in East Central Illinois in serving our communities, delivering quality service, accessibility to our products and services and safety for our depositors. Through dedicated professionals committed to delivering superior service and creating exceptional value the bank will achieve profitability and growth. Exceeding customer expectations in service and value will sustain our goals of meeting market needs, shareholder needs and stakeholder’s needs.


Edgar County Bank and Prospect Bank, a division of Edgar County Bank & Trust Co., exist solely to take care of the financial needs of customers. The needs of customers together with the customer’s options for other services will be considered in every decision we make.

All of us must have honesty and integrity in everything we do. We are a bank made up of honest people who seek customers who are honest people. There is no place in this bank for dishonest dealings with our customers, stockholders, directors, officers or employees.

Taking care of employees is as important as taking care of our customers. We are loyal and protective of our employees and we expect them to be loyal to and protective of the Bank.

We are a for-profit business that is a part of a capitalistic society and we are proud of it. We must make Edgar County Bank & Trust Co. as profitable as possible for the preservation of capital, attraction of new capital and without violating our core values.

We are a product of our communities. We are a leader of our communities and we take the needs of them seriously. We will not intentionally do anything that goes against the best interest of the communities we serve.


In our Mission Statement, one of our stated objectives is to exceed customer expectations in quality service and value. Which is why when you become a customer, you always have dedicated representatives working to ensure you receive service above and beyond your expectations.

We pledge to be honest, courteous and friendly at all times. If we make a mistake, we will admit it because that demonstrates humility and respect for our customers. If you are unhappy with our service or products, we will do everything in our power to make it right. We will treat you as an individual and take special care to see that your individual situation is handled fairly and with the respect you deserve.